Episode 1 – Elena Weinberg & Duncan Coe

Microbudget independent filmmakers Elena Weinberg & Duncan Coe join host Jason Charnick for an in-depth and honest conversation about the challenges of being indie filmmakers in today’s highly competitive entertainment industry.

Elena & Duncan moved out to Los Angeles from Austin, Texas 4 months ago as they try to take their career and their craft to the next level. We talk about the fear and anxiety that comes from making a move to LA, as well as a myriad of other topics such as jealousy, determining one’s own self-worth, and what it takes to define happiness on your own terms in an industry that constantly tries to take that power away from us.

We hope you enjoy this first episode of Head Above Water and we look forward to bringing you the best conversations with a unique perspective available nowhere else!

Produced & Hosted by Jason Charnick
Music by Jason David White