Episode 3 – Anna Keizer (Part 2)

Part 2 with Writer and Producer Anna Keizer from the upcoming short film, She Had It Coming, continues our crowdfunding conversation with Anna telling us why she probably won’t be doing another campaign in the future, while host Jason Charnick tells us why crowdfunding is probably the only way he’ll be able to make another film in the future. It’s a different kind of conversation on crowdfunding you won’t hear anywhere else.

We also touch upon a myriad of other important topics, such as how creatives define both success and failure for themselves, and why it’s important to have your significant other support you in your creative endeavors.

This episode is brought to you by Upstart Film Collective. If you’re an independent filmmaker in need of affordable post services, including standards-compliant DCP’s, drop us a line, and we can help!

Produced & Hosted by Jason Charnick
Music by Jason David White