Episode 16 – Alex Ferrari

On today’s episode, we talk with Alex Ferrari (IMDb), filmmaker, entrepreneur, and creator of Indie Film Hustle, one of the premiere destinations anywhere for information, advice and encouragement for independent filmmakers all of all kinds.

Alex has blazed a path in independent film that saw him running his own post studio, starting the YouTube film tutorial phenomenon, writing two books, and directing two features, both after the age of 40! He provides inspiration and motivation to independent filmmakers around the world, and he joins us for a frank and honest conversation about his own mental health. We talk about how his own mental roadblocks have hindered his development in the past, how he overcomes them, and how his definition of success and happiness have changed over the course of the last 20 years as a working filmmaker.

Check out his two books:
Shooting for the Mob
Rise of the Filmtrepreneur

His two features, both available to watch now on Amazon Prime!
This is Meg (IMDb)
On the Corner of Ego & Desire (IMDb)

And don’t forget his other filmmaking endeavors:
Indie Film Hustle

No intro/outro this week, our conversation was Alex was so amazing, we ran super long, and I’m pushing to get these down to as close to an hour as I can get ’em! I know your time is valuable, so we appreciate you all and your continued support!

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