Episode 15 – Liz Manashil

Greetings friends!

On this week’s episode, we talk with Liz Manashil, writer & director of Bread and Butter and Speed of Life.

Liz has worked with some the industry’s finest acting talents, including Ann Dowd (The Handmaid’s Tale), Jeff Perry (Scandal) and Allison Tolman (Emergence). She is active in the independent film community, specifically microbudget films, and is as knowledgeable and talented a filmmaker as I’ve spoken to in this series.

And yet, in this new day and age, as we find ourselves often struggling to cope, Liz’s expertise in the industry gives her a unique perspective on our mental health, specifically as it pertains to maintaining a sustainable career and navigating the film festival scene. So ultra-low budget filmmakers, this is the show for you!

But wait, there’s more! We also speak with Liz’s partner Sean Wright, with “his side” when it comes to working closely with your significant other and how to best play to each other’s strength and keep the a positive working atmosphere! Be sure to check out Liz’s official site at lizmanashil.com!

Join us next week as we’ll be back with another seasoned veteran of the indie film scene, Alex Ferrari from Indie Film Hustle!

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